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About Tea Zone

Lollicup USA posted this on Aug 14, 2018

Tea Zone

Get creative in the kitchen with high-quality drink and dessert ingredients by Tea Zone. Discover our unique flavored syrups, drink powders and tea leaves. Tea Zone offers a variety of flavored powders that can be used to sweeten creamy milk teas, or to create smoothies, slushes, and many other blended beverages. Similarly, Tea Zone syrups are available in many fruity flavors that will perfectly enhance the flavor of teas, sodas, cocktails and many other delicious beverages. Boba, popping pearls, mochi and jellies will add a hint of excitement to your finished product.

Top off your desserts and add some fun to your drinks with delicious add-ons. Whether you run a tea shop, café, restaurant, bakery, or yogurt shop Tea Zone’s large selection will allow you to craft endless combinations of unique drinks and desserts.

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Tea Zone products include:

Tea Zone Tapioca or Boba


Tea Zone Popping Pearls

Popping Pearls

Tea Zone Mochi


Tea Zone Jellies


Tea Zone Flavored Powders

Flavored Powders

Tea Zone Flavored Syrups and Sweeteners

Flavored Syrups & Sweeteners

Tea Zone Tea Leaves

Tea Leaves

Tea Zone Spices and Seasoning

Spices & Seasonings

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