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Customer Testimonials

Lollicup USA posted this on Mar 25, 2019 offers customers stable and very competitive prices on all products. strives for excellence in customer service and believes in surpassing customer expectations. We won't be satisfied until our customers are satisfied! 

Here are some customer feedback highlights:

Mai Lo L. 3-26-2019
I like that you have the discount code right at the check out. Keep it up. I will order when I see free shipping for a certain amount of dollar. 

Stephen H. 3-25-2019
Great. Cheaper than Webstaurant. 

Kristie T. 3-25-2019

Yes, great pricing. 

Rene A. 3-24-2019

Great products. Very satisfied. 

Yue P. 3-24-2019


Alycia O.  3-23-2019

Great product, price and shipping. 

VIENNA K. 3-23-2019

I've always bought tea zone products from a resale store and they usually don't carry the products that I need and this site makes my life 100x easier. For my first time ordering from the site, it was convenient, quick, descriptive and it has everything!! I will definitely order again! 

Samantha R. 3-22-2019

Really easy to order. I need 32oz cup that are out of stock 

Brady M. 3-21-2019

Please never run out of these :) Otherwise you all have helped out our business a TON! Thank you! KARAT 32OZ PP COLD CUPS (104.5MM) - 600 CT SKU: C-KPP32U 

Ryan P. 3-21-2019

I love it! What more can I say? I recently opened an "everything" Tea store in Colorado where have over a hundred loose leaf teas plus accessories, we also serve hot and cold tea, Thai iced tea, sweet tea, boba, and milk teas. We tried three other companies and our customers LOVE Tea Zones powders and pearls the most! Your shipping is great as well, you always get the product out to the store in a few days. 

Richard B. 3-21-2019

Ease transaction and I found everything I needed. Will call option is excellent. No improvement needed. Thanking you in advance. 

Lamonda E. 3-20-2019

All deliveries are done in a timely manner. I will continue to order from you. Packing is done really well. 

Missy S. 3-19-2019

Easy an has absolutely everything you'll need, I love it! 

Julia S. 3-19-2019


Sangeeta S. 3-18-2019

It has been great 

Anna F. 3-18-2019

So glad to get that shipping code. I live in TN and the shipping is so expensive! 

Cathy B. 3-17-2019

Love this store! wish sample packs were available, would love to try new popping boba's but if don't like them, not sure what to do about it. 

Toni A. 3-17-2019

I love this store. It saves me ALOT of money 

AMBER B. 3-17-2019


Anita W. 3-16-2019

What a great website!! I have been ordering from for my Torani coffee syrups for PTA at my school and they have never been this easy to order from and the shipping is outlandish. Thank you!! 

Laura L. 3-15-2019

new site a bit of a challenge. Sure I will get use to it. Otherwise always a great service 

huishu l, 3-14-2019

very convenience service and great price! 

LaNeda H. 3-14-2019

Great price and always has what I want in stock. 

Lynn-Mickie D. 3-14-2019

We are starting a bubble tea business. Tried to order your samples bubble tea products but it was sold out. However the website is easy to navigate. 

Long N. 3-14-2019

Competitive prices with nice discounts especially free delivery after an order amount minimum is reached. Improvements could be delivery speed. Takes a week to receive shipments online, while ordering through sales team its 2 days, almost next day. So if we could speed up online delivery fulfillment, THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!!! 

Jasmine A. 3-13-2019

I love the variety of flavors that I have for my smoothie shop! Everything is easy to find and easy to order! 

Michael D. 3-13-2019

I found everything i needed quite easily! I like how relative items that are often used together show up as you order one thing, the partner to it is right next to it. Example: Cups, Lids and Straws! 

Mao V. 3-13-2019

I always find everything I need at this company. I love and really like the products. They are of great qualities and at great prices compared to others that I have seen. My orders comes in within 3-5 business days and I like that. 

karen l. 3-12-2019

Great products and great prices!!! 

Tutti F. 3-12-2019

Customers love chocolate wafer sticks, would be great if it can be made available again. 

Raymond Q. 3-12-2019

Website getting better only one glitch but I was able to process my order Thank you 

Anna H. 3-11-2019

Love your site ! 

Jennifer H. 3-11-2019

Nice variety of boba! Shipping is slow with only one shipping option. 

Jessica O. 3-10-2019

First order ages ago went great. 2nd Order got cancelled due to out-of-stock, but they forgot to tell me or issue a refund. I sorted that out and am now giving it another go

Cheryl M. 3-10-2019

Very easy to shop for just what you need. I particularly love the flavored syrups. 

Jitendra G. 3-10-2019

everything is perfect! I love this website for our restaurant supply needs! 

Lori S. 3-09-2019

Yes, I found what I needed at a good price. Shipping is a little excessive though! 

penny b. 3-08-2019

Easy to use website. Great Customer service. Love when you run specials to save my company some money - I look like a hero! 

Angela J. 3-08-2019


Steven A. 3-08-2019

I like the new website. It's easy to navigate around. ex. checking your basket just all around easy 

Anna L. 3-07-2019

Yes thank you. 

Susan L. 3-07-2019

appreciated coupon to help cover the shipping 

Courtlyn M. 3-06-2019

such a great company to work with & super helpful! Absolutely love all of the products & are delivered in good times 

Susan Gi. 3-06-2019

Pricing is competitive and selection is good. Would like to see smaller diameter boba straws (the ones with an angled end), about 8mm. For the website, would like to see a better filter system to narrow down product choices. Thanks! 

Gary T. 3-06-2019


John A. 3-06-2019

I have always found your prices to be competitive. Site is easy to use and friendly. 

Andrew P. 3-05-2019

Very easy to order products in the website. 

Liz D. 3-04-2019

Easy, breezy online shopping experience and LOVE your product pricing! 

Glen K 3-04-2019

Ordering DaVinci syrup, have used Kerry Food Service in past. I prefer the plastic bottles, I did not see that in the pages listed, is this something that your company stocks? Shopping on your site was enjoyable and easy. 

Kelly S. 3-04-2019

It was great and we can’t wait to get our cups! 

Brenda A. 3-03-2019

It was great - no issues. 

Tammy M. 3-02-2019

2nd time ordering from this company. Easy to find product. Only issue was it didn't find my account I had to re register. I believe it had been over a year since last order but I shouldn't have had to re register. Once fixed fast and easy check out. Couldn't find loyalty program it spoke of but still happy. Thank you 

Annora P. 3-02-2019

Placing the order was seamless. This is my second time using this website and I have not been disappointed. 

Cynthia F. 3-01-2019

It was very easy and informative. 

Jim S. 2-27-2019

The person in chat helped me as I didn't realize that I had to reregister with the new site. My computer blanked out and I didn't have a chance to thank them. So to your staff on chat I want to say thank you for your help. 

Louise J. 2-27-2019

Easy to use the site. Was able to find items quickly. Loading speed of pictures alittle slow though. 

Sabrina T 2-27-2019

Yes! Great customer service and very user friendly! 

Judith P 2-27-2019

I found everything - thanks. The only thing I found inconvenient was that after I placed an item in my shopping cart, I was returned to the top of the page - not my not recent position. 

JoAnn V 2-26-2019


Cathy C 2-26-2019

Yes. I really like your store and will return thanks allot 

REINALDO J CA 2-26-2019


amy f 2-25-2019

Great company, great products, great customer service! 

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