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Our Committment

Lollicup USA posted this on Aug 14, 2018

Lollicup USA is committed to:

  • Maximizing energy efficiency in materials and manufacturing processes used
  • Promoting the environmental attributes of its eco-friendly product line
  • Researching and developing new materials, products and technologies that further reduce the company’s carbon footprint
  • Promoting recycling through the use of recycled and renewable content and the advertising of recyclable products

Our efforts:

The company’s Chino headquarters boasts a state-of-the-art energy-saving LED lighting system, and an environmentally-friendly heating and air conditioning system. Lollicup USA’s efforts continue through its recycling practices, and through minimizing the use of paper materials in its offices. Lollicup USA also regularly sends compacted cardboard carton boxes from the warehouse to recycling center. After manufacturing plastic products,
Lollicup USA melts down excess plastic and uses it to manufacture more cups, lids, and containers.

Furthering its eco-friendly practices, the company launched Karat Earth — a line of eco-friendly and compostable foodservice products. Many Karat Earth products are BPI Certified compostable, including eco-friendly hot cups, PLA plastic straws, cups, lids and deli containers, and bagasse products, which are a great foam alternative. When shopping Karat Earth BPI certified products, Lollicup USA assures that customers are only buying 100% compostable products.

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