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Temporarily Out of Stock TOS

Lollicup USA posted this on Feb 1, 2019

What is Temporary Out of Stock (TOS)?

TOS means an item is sold while, due to expiration of product, damaged inside warehouse, not available at nearest warehouse to customer ship to state, or other reasons we are unable to fulfill. 

What will happen if your item is TOS?

We will either refund you full if we are unable to find it from a different warehouse nearest to you or we will ship the item from a different nearest warehouse. You will be informed during the process.All of refunds will be credited to your original form of payment. we'll credit your account within 10-14 business days. this will show on your next statment, depending on the issuing bank and/or billing cycle. 

Why TOS items still show as in stock on the website?

The reason for that is, while the warehouse near you might be out of stock, some stocks are still available at different warehouse and customers near that warehouse can still order them.

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