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Where can I get LollicupStore promotion codes?
Lollicup USA Aug 13, 2018

LollicupStore promotion codes are given out on our newsletter that we send out. If you would like to sign up for our newsletter please sign up using the form field at the bottom right of the page. Please remember to add in your address book in order to ensure that our ......

Does LollicupStore offer wholesale pricing?
Lollicup USA Aug 13, 2018

Yes, volume pricing is available. Click here for our wholesale inquiry form. You may find this link at any time at the bottom of the page....

LollicupStore Max (Loyalty) Program
Lollicup USA Jan 14, 2019

Please note "Lollicupstore MAX" is free and will offer you exclusive discounts based off of your last 12 months purchase amount. You may even qualify for free shipping. Note: all minimum amounts are based on last 12-month total completed Online orders with us, meaning paid for and shipped. Not on......

Coupons, Savings, Discounts, and Loyalty Programs
Lollicup USA Jan 16, 2019

Look to save money, we are with you. Here are some of our current coupons and savings....

How to Upload Re-sellers Permit
Lollicup USA Feb 1, 2019

Please follow these steps to upload your resellers permit:...

Inquire About Whole Sale
Lollicup USA Oct 16, 2018

Our wholesale account requires $1,500.00 on each purchase (estimate $6,000.00 or more per month), you cannot keep multiple accounts (online and wholesale) at the same time, you will have to make a decision. If you decide to request a wholesale account, we will assign a sales representative to con......

6 Item(s)