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Recipe: How To Make Cold Brew Tea

Lollicup USA posted this on Aug 10, 2018

Cold Brew Recipe: ∙

Fill plastic container with 10 quarts of filtered water (if the flavor is highly concentrated, you may want to fill water up to 12 quarts). ∙ Pour 1 bag of Tea Zone® Tea Leaves of choice or 30oz of Cafvina Northwest Blend Ground Coffee (ratio of coffee vs water is 3oz in weight vs. 1qt) in the cold brew filter and tie tightly. ∙

Place cold brew filter in water and submerge with stainless steel bar spoon (wait until bubbling stops, bag will float). ∙

Place in the refrigerator, covered, 20 hours (if would like a lighter/fuller flavor profile, cover between 18 to 22 hour range). ∙

Remove cold brew filter bag and serve. Shelf Life: Up to 5 days when refrigerated.

Hot Brew Recipe: ∙

In a 24qt stock pot, add 15qt of water and bring to a boil over high heat. Remember to use a lid to reduce the cooking time. ∙ Pour 1 bag of premium jasmine green tea leaves in a serving bucket. ∙ When the temperature reaches 175° F, scoop out 9qt of water into a serving bucket. ∙ Cover the serving bucket with a lid and let it sit for 10 minutes. ∙ When the timer goes off, filter tea by pouring through a tea filter (#Y5020) into the second serving bucket. ∙ Add 9qt of ice into the second serving bucket. ∙ Stir well to cool down tea. Skim foam from the top. Shelf Life: Up to 1 days when refrigerated.

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