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How to make Sugar Free Soda

Lollicup USA posted this on Aug 16, 2018

Soda doesn't have to be all sugar, you can also create a delicious sweet soda without sugar.

Today we're showing you how to make a sugar free soda using DaVinci gourmet's sugar-free syrups. Ingredients:

1. 8oz sparkling water + 2/3 ice in 16oz cup

2. 2oz syrup – SF DaVinci peach, pineapple and strawberry

- DaVinci Sugar free Peach

- DaVinci Sugar free Pineapple

- DaVinci Sugar free Strawberry

OPTIONAL Garnish: lemons/limes & mint & straw

How to make:

1. Add 2/3 ice into 16oz cup or mason jar

2. Pour 2oz of flavored syrup

3. Pour 8oz of sparkling water

4. Stir Garnish and enjoy

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Tags: DaVinci  sugar free