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I tried to reset my password and it says my account doesn't exist. What happened to my account?
Lollicup USA Aug 10, 2018

When we switched to the new website, we were not able to move your customer login information over for security reasons. Fear not, we still have all of your account information. Simply create a new login with the same email address as your old account. You old transaction is safe at lollicupstore......

Can I change my password?
Lollicup USA Aug 13, 2018

Please Log into your account and click “Your Account” on the top right navigation. Then go to “Settings” and “Update your password.” From there you will be able to change your password. Please keep your password confidential. does not save or ......

How may I request an email change on my account?
Lollicup USA Aug 13, 2018

Please email your original email, new and alternate email, last order number, and billing address (for verification purposes) to We may contact you for further verifications. Please note: You will need to change your password once this is done....

Do I have to create an account to purchase?
Lollicup USA Aug 13, 2018

Yes, you will need to create an account in order to purchase. To create an account please click “Login” at the top right of the page and click on “Create an Account”....

Can I view my order history?
Lollicup USA Aug 13, 2018

Yes, once you log in to your account dashboard click “Your Account” on the top right navigation. Then go to “Overview,” “Orders,” and “Order History.” From there you will be able to view your order history....

What is a "Favorites List" for?
Lollicup USA Aug 13, 2018

A favorites list allows you to save products that you would like to come back to. This allows you to find something you are interested in later on. When you are ready to purchase the product, click the product you want and “add to cart.” You can have multiple favorites lists to organi......

Why won't my account stay logged in?
Lollicup USA Aug 13, 2018

For security purposes, your account will log you out periodically and require you log in each time you go to checkout. If you cannot complete your checkout because your account keeps logging out, please try a different browser. If you are still having issues, please contact customer support via l......

How do I log in on my phone?
Lollicup USA Aug 13, 2018

If you are viewing the mobile version of our website, open the menu by clicking on button with three horizontal lines next to the cart. If you scroll to the bottom of the menu you will see the options "Login" and "Register." Click "Login" and enter your information to access your account....

I have purchased from your webstore before, do I need to re-register my account from
Lollicup USA Nov 9, 2018

If you have visited this new site and made purchase before, you can continue to purchase on this site. ...

LollicupStore Max (Loyalty) Program
Lollicup USA Jan 14, 2019


10 Item(s)