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Articles by tag "maintenance"

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How do I maintain the sealing machines?
Lollicup USA Aug 13, 2018

To maintain a properly functional sealing machine, daily cleansing is required. Follow the steps below:...

How do I maintain the blenders?
Lollicup USA Aug 13, 2018

As with any other machinery, blenders should be maintained on a daily basis. In addition, we recommend weekly maintenance....

How do I store my purchased products?
Lollicup USA Aug 13, 2018

Always store products in a cool, dry area. Do not store boba/tapioca in the kitchen area due to humidity. Place coffee beans in an air-tight container and do not leave the beans in an open bag. Coffee syrup pumps should be cleaned thoroughly with water and dried before replacing into the syrup bo......

3 Item(s)

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