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Lollicupstore Loyalty Program

Look to save money, we are with you. Here are some of our current coupons and savings.

You can visit our Today's Special section. All items on that section have buy 5 get 1 free, with coupon code: Buy5Free1

You can visit our Close Out section to get 15% off all products on that section, use code 15OFFCLOSEOUT

For our bundled cup and lids, you get $5 off each set, see it here.

Sign up to our Newsletter and get a one use 10% off code. Limit one per customer.

Our loyalty program will give you up to 13-15% off any order or free shipping for orders over $149. Detail Here.

Here are some of our current coupon codes:
* All codes exclude Appliances, cannot be combined with any other offer.

Code Saving  Items* Expiration
Loyalship249  Free Shipping  All Total $249+ (Loyalty Members Only)  
VIP149 Free Shipping All Total $149+ (VIP Members Only