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Califia Farms Barista Blend Almondmilk (32oz)

Do you miss rich delicious foam on your morning latte? You couldn't keep the romance alive because your dairy alternative didn't cooperate at your coffeehouse until now! Califia's Barista Blend is here to make your knees weak (but not your coffee). Find Almond Love™ in your mug. We get how vital that creaminess and stretch (aka, latte art) is for the pro and at-home barista. That's why we specially crafted this Almondmilk with full-bodied goodness for our espresso lovers.

UPC Code: 852909003770

Units Sold By: Carton (32oz)

About Califia Farms

The name comes from the Spanish legend of Queen Califia who ruled the bountiful, mythical island of California. The Barista Blend is a specially formulated a version of Almond milk made just for baristas. Easily create full-bodied foam, better latte art (better stretching), and stay dairy free without the sacrifice.


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F-Barista Blend, Almond

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Category: Non-Dairy Milk

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